Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rural Studio_Alabama

April 10th-13th, 2009 [Rural Studio - Newbern, Alabama]

There is a saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words…”. With that thought in mind I set out to write a small novel through the helpful use of visual imagery. Some would call my lack of letters and spaces laziness, others sloth, but I am choosing to view it as prudent time management. The longer I wait, the more I forget about those days that pass, and fearful I might lose yet another sketchbook, I felt it wise to post on some of my past exploits before the second coming. Thank you again to all of the unforgettable people at Rural Studio who made our trip there such an adventure. Special thanks go to Miss Anne and Whitelaw for letting us camp in their yard, Gayle for getting us settled and feeling like home, and Jon for giving such a great tour on his precious day off. Without further ado, I give you… Rural Studio, Alabama style. Any and all questions should be sent directly to Matthew Fornaro at

The "Rural Studio HQ" - Morrisette House

Our campsite in the backyard of Miss Anne and Whitelaw

Cows watching our progress.

The Rural Studio Studio, aka "The Red Barn"

A lecture by Carme Pinos and budweiser in a can. Good combo.

The bathrooms and stairs to Sam Mockbee's old house.
Sock Hop Dance. Don't listen to anything people at Rural Studio tell you, they don't work.
See, what did I tell you?
Okay they do work. Really hard. Notice top left.
Construction rear shot. Courtesy of Matthew J. Fornaro.
Construction rear shot. Courtesy of Taylor G. Medlin.
I'm either helping frame this wall or lost, who knows at this point.
How Rural Studio does on-site presentations. I love the bench.
Carme understandably worn out after a few days of site visits.
Subrosa - memento to Mockbee.
Newbern Little League Baseball Field
Series of bathrooms at Perry Lakes Park. "Tall Toilet"
View upwards
"Mound Toilet"
"Long Toilet"
View from the can.
Perry Lakes Bridge
Perry Lakes Tower
Mason's Bend : Hay Bale House
Mason's Bend : Smokehouse
Mason's Bend : Glass Chapel
Jon showing us around Akron's Boys and Girls Club. Stellar guy.
Akron Boys and Girls Club [1st] being refurbished after vandalism.
Matt cooking our farewell dinner
Thoughts on Traveling #16 : Have you ever noticed how the name "Sinbad" is just a combination of two words that mean evil? Right? Isn't that crazy?

I'm sorry, I think I've had too much caffeine.

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